Triangle Survivors of Suicide is committed to supporting families and friends deal with the intense grief in the aftermath of the suicide of a loved one.


"On September 16, 2003, I lost my father to suicide. On December 11, 2007, I lost my mother to suicide. By not dealing with their deaths and trying to push the pain away, I allowed myself to be engulfed by emptiness, despair, and darkness for nearly two years. 

Triangle SOS was the beacon of light that helped me come to terms with their deaths, and more importantly, with myself. I credit this organization with helping me make peace with myself, and being the pivot point in my life that made life enjoyable again." -- Matt Sammis, member of Triangle SOS


Our Mission

The mission of Triangle SOS is to provide support and resources for people who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide.

It’s a two way street. When we help others, we often help ourselves.
— Larry Bernstein, Triangle SOS facilitator

What We DO

Support Individuals and Families
For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one by suicide, our support group offers a special place to deal with the intense grief, fellow survivors listen and discuss the path through this horrific, traumatic event.

Educate and Work on Prevention
Triangle SOS partners with other like-minded organizations to work on finding effective methods of prevention, intervention, and post-vention/aftercare. This includes dealing with stigma about getting help, dealing with improving mental health.

Sponsor the Annual Survivors Walk
We bring together survivors for a walk to remember their loved ones. In 4 years, we raised and donated $25,000 to community organizations that promote suicide prevention and save lives.